Ikadaba Wasabi Fields

Ikadaba Wasabi Fields

Ikadaba Wasabi Field is one of ten terrace fields selected to represent Shizuoka Prefecture. As you enter the area, you are met with the sight of approximately 15 hectares (large enough to fit 3 Tokyo Domes) of beautiful terrace landscape.
At an elevation of 350 meters above sea level, Ikadaba, located in the city of Izu, can maintain water temperatures between 13 and 16 degrees Celsius year-round. Wasabi cultivation has long been prosperous in this region. At Ikadaba Wasabi Fields, trees are planted around the perimeter of the fields to ensure the Wasabi receives the right amount of sunlight, wisdom inherited from the forefathers. Additionally, the Wasabi is monitored daily to ensure minimal temperature fluctuation, maintaining the conditions necessary for successfully growing high quality Wasabi.
It is the perfect location to stay cool and recover during the warm months. There is also a nearby souvenir shop that allows visitors to experience harvesting Wasabi first hand.

35 minutes by car from the hotel


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