Shuzenji Hot Springs

Many sightseeing spots can be found along the Katsura River, which flows through the center of town. The first is Shuzenji Temple. Near the temple is Tokko no Yu, a sacred spring that is said to have been created by Kukai (Kubo Daishi) and is the oldest hot spring in Izu. Other sights near Shuzenji Temple include Kodakara no Sugi, two 800-year-old cedar trees that tower above Hie Shrine and Shigetsuden. Shigetsuden is said to be Izu's oldenst wooden building and was erected by Hojo Masako in honor of her son, the second Kamakura Shogun Minamoto no Yoriie, who was assassinated at Shuzenji Temple. Also nearby is Chikurin no Komichi, which has a beautiful stone path leading through a bamboo thicket. Spanning the Katsura River are five vermillion colored bridges. Local legend has it that if one can walk across all five they will be lucky in love. Visitors can enjoy the charm of Izu's Little Kyoto while walking around the town and taking in the many Japanese style inns and enjoying Soba Noodles. All of the sights are within walking distance and can be easily enjoyed in a half day.

15 minutes by car from the hotel


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■Shuzenji Temple
■Asahi Falls
■Ikadaba Wasabi Fields