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What is this large building with a lawn on its roof?

An exterior that attracts one’s attention and makes one ask, ”What is this building?” It’s in fact Taneya Club’s flagship store, La Collina Omihachiman, expanded to include both the Japanese and Western confectionary shops, Taneya Club and Club Harie. The confectionery ingredients are blessedly natural. To love nature, to learn from nature, and to live together with nature; with this as its concept, the store’s interior is a reproduction of Omi’s landscape of the heart. It includes Japanese and Western confectionery shops, as well as a cafe and bread bakery. What we really want you to try here is the baumkuchen. The fluffiness and taste of baumkuchen upon its completion is something you will never forget once you’ve tried it once. (25 minutes by car from the hotel)



A tree-climbing experience on hotel grounds

You can now challenge yourself with a tree-climbing experience (using ropes and climbing gear) in our forest on the hotel grounds of the Laforet Resort Shuzenji - on the premises of the Izu Marriott Hotel Shuzenji. Enjoy a breathtaking and unprecedented view from the tops of the trees. Here, you can not only have fun tree-climbing, but also relax and enjoy yourself on our hammocks - called "tree boats." Tree-climbing - an experience to be enjoyed by everyone - from adults to children. Befriend a tree, and develop and experience the feeling of cherishing nature. (¥1,500 (tax included) * Advance reservation required (same-day admission pending availability).



Shuzenji Temple

Shuzenji Temple is said to have been established by Kobo Daishi (Kukai) in 807. The temple is also.....



A theme park that embodies the concepts of people and energy.

Shirahama Energy Land has been created as a place where people can learn about the importance of energy while having fun. It is located in Wakayama, the birthplace of Konosuke Matsushita (the founder of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd). Here, people can experience a marvelous world which makes use of gravitational energy and human senses, as well as attractions that create illusions based on distance and sense of balance. It also boasts an impressive 3D show, making it a place where both children and adults can have fun. (3 minutes by walk from the hotel)



"Dream travel experience campaign." Here are the five trips that passed the first round of screening.

Thank you for the many submissions.
The five trips that passed the first round of screening have been decided! We are now accepting votes on their popularity. People who vote also have a chance to win hotel vouchers for the Courtyard Tokyo or the Courtyard Shin-Osaka. Please feel free to vote.



Hananomiyako Park

A grand flower carpet spread across the foothills of Mt Fuji. With flower gardens covering an area of approximately.....more information



Omi Hachiman

In the Omi Hachiman area, the traditions of riverside life and Omi merchants live on. It is a townscape .....more information



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The ayu of Lake Biwa

Did you know that you can catch ayu (sweetfish) in Lake Biwa? The ayu which grow in Lake Biwa mature to only about 10 cm in length, and thus are called "ko-ayu" (baby ayu). When offshore net fishing restrictions are lifted in June, fishing boats take advantage of the tendency of ayu to gather at the surface as the water temperature rises - charging into the schools of ayu and scooping them up using large nets which dip into the water. The fishing continues until the end of July. Ayu can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, such as broiling with salt, or as tempura.(40 minutes by car from the hotel)



Old Karuizawa Ginza

One tourist attraction that represents Karuizawa is Old Karuizawa Ginza. During the Edo period, Karuizawa prospered as a lodging town on .....more information



Enjoy the view of Shuzenji Temple with a sweet treat

"Issekian" is the only cafe in the hot spring town of Shuzenji where you can enjoy the view of Shuzenji Temple from across the river, whilst indulging in a sweet treat. Our cafes' recommended dish is our "Cream Shiratama Dumpling Adzuki Bean" dish. The adzuki beans are large, with a plump texture and gentle sweetness to them. The Shiratama dumpling is springy and goes perfectly with a dollop of cold ice-cream in summer. You can take in the historic atmosphere of the town whilst relaxing away at our cafe.(15 minutes by car from the hotel)



The Sandanbeki Dokutsu Cave

The Sandanbeki Dokutsu Cave is said to be where the Kumano Aquatic Army, known for swinging the tide of battle and leading the Genji clan to victory at the battle between the Genji and Heike clans during the Heian period, hid their boats. Sarasvati Murodai known as the god of water is enshrined within the cave. Known to have the power to grant any wish, the cave has come to be a power spot. You can walk through the cave on a roughly 200m long path, surrounded by the echoes of the outside waves.(6 minutes by car from the hotel)



A Long Tree-Lined Road

Hokkaido is not the only place with long, straight roads in Japan. The Metasequoia Namiki spans approximately 2.4km. The road is lined with about 500 metasequoia trees that put on fresh green leaves in spring and red leaves in autumn, and can be enjoyed all year round.(60 minutes by car from the hotel)



Amphibious bus

An amphibious bus that is quite unusual in Japan called "KABA" (hippopotamus). After driving through the lakeside forest, it dives straight into the lake, creating quite a splash. Another thing to look forward to the is the crew's performance, which makes the drive and cruise even more fun and exciting. (10 minutes by car from the hotel)



A ramen shop that's open only three days a week

Izu Amakara-ya is a ramen shop that is only open on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. It initially opened as a shop specializing in curry, but later leaped into fame when it started serving ramen. I recommend the "spice soy sauce ramen" (850¥). The soup is made with over 15 types of spices. This unique dish has a flavor that tastes like nothing you've had before. The interior is reminiscent of a traditional Japanese house; it's a very calm and relaxing space.(30 minutes by car from the hotel)



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The Shiraito Falls

With a height of 3 meters and width of 70 meters, it is said that the curving Falls got its name from the fact that it looks like multiple white threads running down its path. During summer, the Falls is used as a fantastic projection map; moreover, during autumn or winter, there are different scenes to be enjoyed. The falls is a 25-minute bus ride away from Karuizawa Station, with a fare of 710 yen. (25 minutes by car from the hotel)



Enjoy Japanese confectionery in one spot

In the Himure Village along the road to Himure Hachimangu, Taneya, a traditional Japanese confectionery, and Club Harie, a pastry store, stands facing each other. Each respectively has its teahouse and a cafe. At the teahouse, not only can you taste the famous Tsubura Mochi and sweets, but you can enjoy meals like the Taneya combination set shown in the picture (2,700 yen) which is a must eat set that uses Omi mochi rice to create the rice and red beans. A must try dish at the cafe would be the scone (540 yen). For the sweet lovers, Himure village is the place to go for the famous Baumkuchen or the variety of seasonal Japanese confectionery.(25 minutes by car from the hotel)



The gourmet fish of your dreams

When on thinks of Wakayama Prefecture, the high grade fish known as longtooth grouper (or "Kue" in Japanese) is sure to come to mind. While people may think that it is pricey and out of their budget, the restaurant Marukiyo allows for guests to dine on all natural longtooth grouper for lunch at a reasonable price. The hotel staff recommends the "Kue-zukuri Teishoku" set lunch (¥2,100). Even the appearance of the fish cannot do justice to its delicious flavor. For those looking to try the longtooth grouper, definitely try this!(10 minutes by walk from the hotel)



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Great Spot To Photograph Mt. Fuji

This is a great spot to photograph Mt. Fuji. Both of these photos were taken in winter, the first in midnight and the second at dawn. Mt. Fuji changes expression at different seasons, times, and weather. Capture your very own picture of Mt. Fuji here.(10 minutes by car from the hotel)



Dream Trip Campaign - Applications open until June 15

This summer, to celebrate the opening of Marriott Hotels in five areas, we are accepting applications for our Dream Trip Campaign until June 15. For a chance to win a voucher for free accommodation at a Marriott Hotel, enter now.



Odoriko Walkway

The Odoriko Walkway leads from the foot of Joren Falls to Yugano, Kawazu. The 18.5km-long route—named after the great writer Yasunari Kawabata's masterpiece, "Izu no Odoriko" (The Dancing Girl of Izu)—passes through the Seven Falls of Kawazu and the Old Amagi Tunnel. Like Kawabata's quote, "Crossing Amagi is the heart of traveling Izu," the walkway allows you to fully enjoy the forests, history, and hot springs.



Have a gelato while looking at the picturesque scenery

From the Biwako Valley terrace, 1100m elevation, come view the open scenery while enjoying a gelato with unique Shiga Prefecture flavors such as Omi wakoucha (Japanese black tea), adoberries, and Kokabu Farm milk. There's also activities such as ziplines to enjoy.(30 minutes by car from the hotel)



Sweets Stroll

The Karuizawa Sweets Stroll, during which the hotels and restaurants of Karuizawa offer their very best flower-themed sweets, is going on now (until June 30th). The Karuizawa Marriott Hotel is offering a "Flower Garden" (¥1,188) made up of things like flower-patterned white chocolate, blancmange, and vanilla ice cream.



Famous sunset spot Senjojiki Plateau

Also introduced here:, the sunset you can see from this spot was chosen as one of Japan's 100 Most Beautiful Sunsets.(5 minutes by car from the hotel)



Sunset Fuji

At the famous picture spot on Mt. Fuji's "Panorama Platform". Mt. Fuji dyed orange by the setting sun makes for an exceptional view.(10 minutes by car from the hotel)



Lake Biwa Canal

The Lake Biwa Canal was created in order to allow the water of Lake Biwa to flow to nearby Kyoto City. The canal is beautiful during the late spring season of fresh green leaves, but it is also picturesque during early spring when the beautiful sakura cherry blossoms are blooming.(40 minutes by car from the hotel)



Early summer feature

At Akagaeru Park, guests can enjoy whimsical and beautiful firefly lights in the dark every year (this year's viewing will end on June 4th.) Time: 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. (8 p.m. is prime viewing time.)(15 minutes by car from the hotel)



Hotel employees' recommended dishes

The first photo is of the Engetsu Island salad, which looks exactly like the real thing. You can eat it at Ozara Sozai Maaru.(5 minutes by car from the hotel)

The second photo is of nama kagero, Nanki Shirahama's famous confection available only at Fukubishi's main store. We presently recommend the unbaked cheesecake nama kagero. You an enjoy one at the cafe inside the store.→more information(5 minutes by car from the hotel)



Eyeglass bridge

91 meters long, and 31 meters tall, this was the largest brick rail bridge in the country. Now that the railway has been discontinued, trains no longer run across it, but visitors can still walk on this bridge, known affectionately as the "eyeglass bridge."(35 minutes by car from the hotel)



The gateway has two pillars which straddle the path

This is the gateway to Shirahige shrine. The inner gateway is straddling the path and is situated in the middle of Lake Biwa. Although pictures of the gateway situated in the lake are famous; experiencing scenery that cannot be seen without visiting is the best part of traveling.(40 minutes by car from the hotel)



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360 Degree Panorama

Koyodai offers a 360 degree panoramic view of Mt. Fuji, Aokigahara Sea of Trees, as well as Lake Motosu, Lake Saiko, and the Akaishi Mountains. In early November, the landscape will be painted in beautiful autumn colors.(50 minutes by car from the hotel)



A giant Torii gate towers over the fields

Take in the wondrous scenery of Oyunohara field’s giant Torii gate and its mountainous backdrop. The viewing platform is a 15 minute walk away from Kumano Hongu Taisha Shrine. Kumano Hongu Taisha Shrine was originally located at Oyunohara, however due to damage from flooding it was moved to its present location. Oyunohara is famous as a power spot and a place to enjoy the Sakura cherry blossom flowers with many people visiting it. (80 minutes by car from the hotel)



The Shizukatake Tunnel

If you enter an old road off of Route 8 on the national highway, you will find a tunnel built with bricks called the Shizukatake Tunnel. The atmosphere of the tunnel is indescribable, history emanates from the very structure itself drawing the interest of those who set their eyes upon it. On the other end of the tunnel once can enjoy the incredible view of Biwako Lake, spreading out as far as the eye can see. (80 minutes by car from the hotel)



The hot spring town filled with emotion

This is the evening scenery of the Shuzenji hot spring town. The area is filled with small bamboo paths, historical Buddhist temples and shrines, as well as refined hot spring hotels. You can also enjoy the charming little Kyoto.(15 minutes by car from the hotel)



Mandarin Orange Blossoms

Wakayama Prefecture is famous for its mandarin oranges. Right now, the mandarin orange flowers are blooming. They are white, sweet flowers with the refreshing scent of citrus. Honey made from these flowers is also recommended. Delicious mandarin oranges are harvested from October to December.(30 minutes by car from the hotel)




Long ago, a village by a lake in the mountains raised money to purchase some swans. The birds were then entrusted to the care of the swan loving villagers and other interested parties.(15 minutes by car from the hotel)



Mt. Fuji from the Nishi-Izu Skyline

This view of Mt. Fuji is just a 30-minute drive away from the hotel. The Nishi-Izu Skyline is a popular spot for drivers, riders, cyclists, and even hikers.




Yamanashi is known as the land of fruits.
The popular peach-picking takes place in summer, but peaches delight people even in spring.
"Togenkyo (peach paradise)" is an apt name for the peach orchard in Misaka. Depending on the location, you can enjoy viewing both the cherry and peach blossoms. (About an hour by car from the hotel.)



Spring has come late

This is Yamanakako Lake this morning. Spring has finally come to the lake and the cherry trees have started to bloom. The surface of the lake was sparkling under the sunshine.(10 minutes by car from the hotel)



Mamezakura (bean cherry blossom) of Darumayama

In places at high altitude close to Mount Fuji, such as Izu and Hakone, cherry blossoms with small petals bloom. The name they are called varies from place to place; they are called Mamezakura (bean cherry blossom) in Izu, Komezaku in Hakone (rice cherry blossom), and near Mount Fuji and Yamanashi they are called Fuji blossom. Near to Darumayama in Izu, the fresh shoots of spring and the pastel colored cherry blossom weave together for a beautiful view in the spring. (20 minutes by car from the hotel)



Shirara Beach

Shirara Beach on a clear morning; When the sun comes out, the sea sparkles cobalt blue. On the smooth sand, it feels so good to walk barefoot in the waves!(3 minutes by walk from the hotel)

Shirara Beach



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