The Biwako Terrace

The Biwako Terrace

“THE BIWAKO TERRACE”is a cafe with picturesque views that first became a talking point as a photogenic spot on social network services, then in media. Located in the Biwako Valley at an elevation of 1,100m, it can be reached from the base of the mountain by a 5 minute cable car ride towards the top. There are 4 types of terraces, each with their own special features. The first terrace is called the Mezzanine of the Heavens, and you can enjoy the local Higashiomi black tea, Higashiomi roasted rice tea, sandwiches, and other light food at the cafe there. (The first terrace is for cafe customers only) On days when the weather is nice, it's just as if you were floating in the sky. On the second and third terraces, time flows in a relaxed manner on the wooden deck lined with sofas. Situated at its tallest point, you can also get a view of the entire Biwako Valley from Cafe 360°. Located on the top of the mountain, this cafe just opened in August of 2017 and is accessible by lift from THE BIWAKO TERRACE. As the name suggests, you can take in the sights of Lake Biwa from its circular terrace.
※Open from early April to late November. Operates as a ski area during the winter season.

30 minutes by car from the hotel

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