• MARRIOTT RIDE ~Shiga's Lake Biwa Tour~
  • MARRIOTT RIDE ~Shiga's Lake Biwa Tour~
  • MARRIOTT RIDE ~Shiga's Lake Biwa Tour~

  • MARRIOTT RIDE ~Shiga's Lake Biwa Tour~
  • MARRIOTT RIDE ~Shiga's Lake Biwa Tour~
  • MARRIOTT RIDE ~Shiga's Lake Biwa Tour~

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― See Japan on a Scenic Cycling Tour ―

[ Lake Biwa ]

You cannot appreciate it from the guidebook alone but you can appreciate it by bike.
Marriott’s exclusive guide program proposes a new journey around Japan.


A two-day cycling tour to experience Lake Biwa, Japan’s largest freshwater lake
Lake Biwa boasts the largest catchment area in Japan and is the third oldest lake in the world, dating to approximately five million years. The waterfront is a treasure trove of nature as well as an area where traditional Japanese culture, townscapes, and customs have been retained. You can visit the many scenic landscapes, streets, and famous temples of the elegant Omi or enjoy a cycling tour to experience the area’s rich nature, history and culture.  ▶ Area information

2 days guided cycling tour (ride 50-60 km / day)
Guide and support cars will always accompany the rides. Please enjoy the ride with a peace of mind.
GIANT’s high-quality bicycles are available on rent.
Accommodations consist of a room with a hot spring bath with a view on Lake Biwa, one of Japan’s best lakes. The hot spring bath will soothe your tired body from the ride.
In addition, you can arrange to have a massage or spend time refreshing at the hotel planetarium. *Optional
Dinner is selected from a power-charge menu with plenty of local ingredients. Grilled dishes and Japanese dishes will be prepared on a daily basis.
Tour guidance will be in English.

November 5, 2018 (Monday) ~ November 8, 2018 (Thursday)
* 3 nights, 4 days


Lake Biwa Marriott Hotel
2876 Jukkenya, Imahama-cho, Moriyama-shi, Shiga 524-0101 Japan


129,800 yen per person (tax, service charge, bathing tax excluded)
* In the case of application by one person, the price will increase by 22,500 yen.
* Please pay when checking out.

The price includes:
・Ride tour: 2 days (cycling 50–60 km/day)
 * Accompanying guide and support cars.
    3 nights (Premium Room with Hot-Spring Bath)
・Meals: 3 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners
・Drinks and energy supplements during the ride
・Marriott original souvenir
・Mechanical support
・Insurance fee
* Please bring your own road bike. The bicycle that you bring can be stored in your room.
* If you would like to rent a bicycle, please see the information about “Bike Rental.”

  Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4
Ride Tour & Lunch
Bike Rental

Bikes will be rented from the hotel’s “GIANT STORE.” Please apply when reserving the tour.
・1 aluminum road bike costs 8,000 yen (excluding tax) * Includes helmet
・1 carbon road bike costs 12,000 yen (excluding tax) * Includes helmet
・1 e-Hybrid bike (YAMAHA) costs 8,000 yen (excluding tax) * Includes helmet
* There will be a limited number and size of rental bikes available.


・Road bike & helmet
 * Rentals will also be available. For details, please refer to the information on “Bike Rental”
・Cycling and rain wear suitable for the ride
・Protection against cold to prevent the body from cooling down during rests and stops
・Cycling gloves and shoes
・Drink bottle
 * Drinks will be offered during the ride.
・Supplementary food and gel
 * Supplementary food will be offered during the ride, but please bring your own if you like.


・Healthy, 18〜70 years old
  * Minors must be accompanied by guardians.
・Over 150 cm tall
・Beginner to intermediate tour level
・Experience traveling of more than 50 km by sports bike
・Experience with group rides, value teamwork
・Agree to the “Bike Tours Terms & Conditions

Number of

16 people (minimum 4 participants)


< Day 1 (11/5) >

3:00 pm
* Please check in at your preferred time after 3:00 pm.
* Please enjoy dinner around the hotel.

< Day 2 & 3 (11/6 & 7) >

7:30 am
8:30 am
Departure for a ride tour
5:00 pm
Arrive at hotel
7:00 pm
Power-charge dinner

< Day 4 (11/8) >

11:00 am

* The schedule is subject to change.
* Tour will go ahead in case of light rain. However, if extreme bad weather is expected, it will be held under a separate program.


If you wish to cancel your tour, please notify Lake Biwa Marriott Hotel in writing. Once Lake Biwa Marriott Hotel receives your notice, cancellation will take effect with following cancellation charge.

Days prior to departure / Cancellation Charge:
・ 7 days / 50% of tour price
・ 5 days / 80% of tour price
・ Departure day / 100% of tour price

Terms & Conditions

Bike Tours Terms & Conditions is here


Application form is here
Application deadline ; October 15, 2018


About the hotel;   Lake Biwa Marriott Hotel   E-MAIL: info@biwako-marriott.com
About the ride tour;   Ride Experience   E-MAIL: info@ride-experience.com
* Inquiries will only be handled in English or Japanese.